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My glass artlights are evolving finding new areas in requests for the unusual.

In the following pages you will find commisions for individual clients that have requested my work with a criteria for a colour reference, I have used translscent colours.   Still based on a natural organic feel, the complete glass aesthetics  makes them incredibly unique.

If you are looking for something based on any of my commisions please use our e-mail inquiry form.


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Amiraglio Aqua Stairwell.  80cm x 650cm with 3000 watts of lighting available to commission

Pirola in crystal,120cm x 200cm with 1500 watts of lighting avalable to commission

Energia Cosmica in chromed hand blown glass, 300 watts of G4 lighting IP rated, available to commission

Corale Bianco 120cm x 60cm with 1200 watts of lighting available to commisssion,

Energia cosmica, 85cm room setting, please scroll down

Energia Cosmica, 85cm roundish in shape, created in brilliant gold, ruby red and fuscia, 12 x 20 watt halogen lights, low voltage dimmable.

Pignieti 300cm 72 x 20 watt halogen lights

Pignetti 03 Portugal

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Pianteggiona 80cm x 100cm

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Pigneti02 210cm

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Vetrario Eva

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Energia Cosmica01 available in colours 30cm - 120cm+

Energia Cosmica

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Please read all the details on our new range in the following pages....


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Millefiore  20 x 10 watt halogen

The Story…. “Borghese Luce Arte

Situated within the village of Crouch End in North London is the showroom and workshop of Rocco Borghese. It is here where fascinating and unique pieces of lighting sculptures are created by hand blowing and manipulating glass to bring to life visually captivating pieces designed to perfectly suit the environment to which they would be fitted whilst still retaining the practical side of illumination.
Born in Southern Italy, Rocco’s interest in working with glass began at the age of 13 whilst watching his father at work.  Rocco’s father’s passion in the art of working with glass also extended to working with Murano glass where his talent called for him to move to Venezia where he became a highly respected glass sculptor.  So profound was his father’s talent that he was encouraged to open his own school for glass furnace work.  It was in this school, under the loving tutorage of his father, where Rocco began his apprenticeship as a teenage boy learning the ancient art of glass blowing.  An age old divine art form being handed down from father to son.

Though natural talent is a prerequisite to become a qualified profession glass blower, above that, this art form demands complete and exacting dedication.  One must master the fusing of the techniques of manipulation and split second timing in order to effectively manage the 1000 degrees of endured heat required to work with glass.  There are countless years of trial and error involved in learning the ways of glass.  After many years of devotion, Rocco has mastered his own creative style and has gone on to designing an entirely new concept in art from - individual pieces made for specific requirements.

His dream was to use this time endured skill to create personal pieces of beauty to grace areas where this new art form could be appreciated by all who are endowed with the gift of sight. To facilitate this dream, Rocco embark on his own career and went to university to study Architecture and Interior Design in an effort to blend this hard found knowledge and passion for glass blowing with the practical skill of Architecture.
Today, Rocco has immersed himself in his one true passion - creating his own lighting sculptures custom designed to grace the homes of those seeking more than just a light fixture.  With every commissioned piece, Rocco finds himself challenged not only by the requirements of a particular space to which this commission will adorn, but also ensuring it reflects the very character of the home owners themselves.  All it takes is to love his work and in return a couple of site visits are all that is needed to build the inspiration he needs to create the soul of the piece he will personally sculpture for classica


Lighting feature 50cm x 78cm with 120 watt dimable low voltage lighting